Who is this guy?

I’m a political analyst, full stack developer, public speaker, and strategist. While I’ve worked across industries, I always end up back where I started - the intersection of politics and technology. It started with contract consulting from my bedroom, which snowballed into the first social-media-sourced polling platform, Twelect, a massively popular public opinion monitoring tool during the 2012 presidential election.

On the basis of Twelect’s algorithmic technology, I started Sibyl Vision, a predict-anything public opinion analysis firm. I regularly spoke on Sibyl’s research at universities and on national television.

As an engineer, my specialty is developing full-stack, real-time data abstraction platforms for a variety of industries, intent on exposing actionable business intelligence and consumer insight. I’m is passionate and professionally literate with regards to information security and related evolving policy.

When I’m not on a keyboard, I’m a sailor and fisherman who is thinking about being on a keyboard.


Digital Director

Nov. 2017 - Apr. 2018
Kennedy for Illinois
  • Designed and executed digital strategy and communications for a statewide gubernatorial campaign
  • Conceptualized and built voter ID tools to effectively reach over 100k voters, contingent on SMS identification
  • Recruited and facilitated work with outside pollsters
  • Organized, directed and shot celebrity and stakeholder endorsements
  • Created, implemented, and ran statewide digital advertising initiatives


2012 - 2017
Sibyl Vision
  • Architected, implemented, and ran a quantitative public opinion monitoring platform and brand consultancy
  • Used global internet conversation and demographic data married with language-agnostic NLP algorithms to predict consumer behavior
  • Built and maintained data-processing infrastructure capable of constantly analyzing a significant percentage of global social conversation, predicting implications of news worthy events in real time
  • Developed data analysis frontends for clients intent on maximizing impactful insight into ever-shifting political opinion, ad-spend ROI, and financial instrument pricing
  • Managed sales and relationships with media companies, big brands, and celebrities including HBO, Fox News, Beyoncé, and Mondelez International
  • Bootstrapped and managed Sibyl Vision’s finances from conception to a seven-figure valuation and twelve-person team

Technology Editor

Jan. 2017 - Jun. 2018
Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare
  • Process submitted research and editorials, fact check and edit works
  • Represent the Journal at security and cyberlaw conferences
  • Manage Journal’s physical distribution to high-profile subscribers, including intelligence and defense agencies, CISOs, and judicial officials
  • Assist in management of the Journal’s annual symposium, speaker booking, and attendance

Assistant to Special Master

Jan. 2017 - Mar. 2017
Federal District Court, Southern District of New York
  • Assisted the court-appointed special master in a high-profile code plagiarism lawsuit
  • Performed forensic analysis of machine images, source code, repositories, databases, production environments, and developer communications
  • Resolved complex disputes between the parties surrounding modifications of a shared codebase
  • Prepared briefs for the special master and the Court regarding the outcome of analysis

Commentator, Varney & Co.

Jun. 2012 - Jun. 2013
Fox Business
  • Appeared weekly on prime time morning coverage to present and discuss fluctuations in Sibyl Vision’s opinion monitoring in light of the day’s news
  • Featured on specials including Election Night 2012 to demonstrate Sibyl Vision’s live modeling of public opinion, exit poll, and demographic data, in conjunction with our continually evolving election outcome predictions